Leading Winning Projects
Projective - Leading Winning Projects

Our Special Mission

Strengthening and improving communication between Public Transport operators, government agencies and the public transport riders by leveraging cutting edge technology, innovative platform solutions and educational marketing campaigns.

Who We Are?

• A Global project management and marketing communication firm specialized in the public transport and infrastructure fields.
• Marketing experts with multiple years of experience in media, advertising, strategy &planning, sales promotion and PR for leading global brands.
• A winning creative team driven to reach out-of-the-box solutions and break paradigms.
• Proven to deliver complex projects on time, on budget along high customer satisfaction.

What We Do?

• Guide and follow transportation projects starting at the planning stage through implementation.
• Create communication plans and campaigns which promote new transport routes, changes in existing routes and traffic changes; ensuring public receives the right information, accurately and on time.
• Lead innovative campaigns and projects leveraging cutting edge technology which alter how commuters consume information of public transportation changes.
• Manage effective and cost efficient complex projects mitigating a variety of stakeholders such as transportation ministry departments, operators, government agencies, suppliers such as advertising agencies and IT firms.

Fully Integrated

Our vision

Creating added value for our clients through our unique expertise,
producing the most effective project.
Setting new standards in cost efficiency, innovation and creativity.


Our Clients